About Us
About Us

Yana's Healing Studio

We are your Life Transformation Partners. Whether it is about accurate readings or providing most effective healings, Our team of healers do it all effortlessly.

All the way from reducing 2 inches in 2 weeks time to finding accurate answers for any problems or manifesting quick bucks, Our Healer, Siddhii has made it possible for hundreds of people through her Healings and accurate Readings.

Yana's Healing Studio has successfully delivered one of the fastest & Most Powerful Healing System in the World - The Celestial Dragons Healing System.

We have contributed last 5 years in researching and mastering more than 100 healing courses and today, we offer more than 50 Spiritual Workshops.

All the way from delivering successful results with only 1 healing session in the area of Relationship & Money Healings, we are daily making new success stories & receiving testimonials. Our group healings are something one just can't miss!

We are driven by our mission to help 10 million people resolve their life issues by harnessing their inner potential.

Siddhii Shaah

The Dragon of Healing is here for you!

A Psychic Reader, Dragon Healing Facilitator and Mentor of more than 60 Spiritual healing courses, Siddhii wears many feathers on her cap.

She is a pioneer of Dragon healings in India and is the founder of one of the fastest healing systems - The Celestial Dragons Healing System.

Her contribution with her healing sessions have shown magical recoveries for people across all areas of life. Some of her achievements are:

• More than 90% of people who attend her weight reduction sessions observe significant fat loss in just 2 weeks time

• Her Money Healing Sessions start showing results with a mere 1 session.

• She's helped more than 10,000 people with her accurate Readings and Healings

• Her Mentorship has helped hundreds of healers upgrade their powers and benefit professionally

Siddhii is known for being a channel for Angels and Dragon spirits, conveying their help in many ways under the banner of Yana's Healing Studio.

Siddhii has been a recipient of numerous awards and accolades for her work as a psychic Reader & Healer. She is a Master of more than 100 Healing courses such as Reiki Grandmaster, Lama Fera Grandmaster, Magnified Healing (registered mark) practitioner teacher, Akashic Records Grand Master, and the founder of Celestial Dragons Healing System. Besides these, she has also received many awards for her work with the Dragon Spirits.

Siddhii has successfully healed many complicated cases such as Weight Reduction, Money & Finances Flow, Premature babies growth, Pregnancy complexities, Skin and Hair issues, weight reduction, besides providing psychic healing empowerment to fellow healers. 

Her biggest asset is her Celestial Dragons Healing System, something that is true to her alone. 

To Get in Touch with her, Call: +91-8928734540

Or email to yanashealingstudio@gmail.com

You can check out her tips, readings, remedies by searching for Yana's Healing Studio on platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.