• Sandalwood and Saffron Bath Salts

Sandalwood and Saffron Bath Salts

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Sandalwood & Saffron Bath Salts

Calmness of a serene river and vibrancy of the rising sun are coming alive in this pack of Sandalwood and Saffron Bath Salts.

Sandalwood grounds you and calms you while Saffron works on lifting your energies up. This is a truly unique combination of Bath salts curated and energised by Siddhii.

These healing bath salts are pure, natural, handmade, and cleanse and purify the body at a spiritual level.

Sandalwood and Saffron are highly respected in the Indian tradition for their skin purifying and beautifying properties!

These divine smelling bath salts are perfect for an instant mood uplift and come with a tumble of crystal.

The minerals in bath salts are easily absorbed into our skin and are known to cleanse and purify it at a molecular level.

In your physical and emotional healing journey, using bath salts regularly helps you heal faster.

Multiple Uses of Bath Salts:

BATHE: You don’t need a bathtub to make the most of these amazing bath salts! You can simply dissolve 2 spoons of the salts in your bucket of warm bathing water. If you so wish, you can apply soap after bathing with the saltwater or you can apply soap first, then wash with saltwater. The oils from the salts remaining on your skin are highly beneficial! Do rinse with plain water after bathing with the saltwater.

FOOT SOAK: After a long tiring day or on your me-time day, soak your feet in warm water with these salts!

MANICURE/PEDICURE: Make your home spa day more exciting – sprinkle a small amount of the bath salts into the water for your manicures and pedicures.

SCRUB: Bath salts also make great scrubs! To use as a scrub, soak the salts in some water or oil. After 10 to 15 minutes, massage very gently onto skin and exfoliate. CAREFUL! Be very gentle as the salt may be abrasive.

SPACE CLEANSER: Did you know, you can use these bath salts as space cleaner? It not only cleanses but also changes the energy of your space!!

Composition: Sea Salt, Saffron, Turmeric, Natural Oils including Sandalwood Oil.

Original Price:

Rs. 550 for a jar or a refill pack

***Offer Price***

Rs. 450 for a glass jar pack of 400 grms salts


Rs. 450 for a refil pack (comes in a ziplock bag)- 1kg

This offer is limited to orders placed till 10th September days only. Post 10th September, we will go back to the original price.


• Please note that this product is being offered to support you in your general well-being, spiritual journey, and healing process. It is by no means a prescription, guaranteed fix, healthcare/medical related treatment, solution or alternative or replacement for medical advice.

• Please perform a skin test before using any new product on your skin for the first time.

Please do not use the bath salts as a scrub on injured or broken skin.

• Salts are generally abrasive in nature. Please exercise caution while using them on your skin.

Please keep the bath salts safe from direct light, sun exposure, and heat.

• It is completely natural for the salt to clump together at times. Don’t worry, you can continue to use them as usual until their best-before date.

• We will do our best to energise and ship your product within 7 days of booking. However, due to lockdown, the courier companies may delay the shipment.

• Order cancellation can be done only within 24 hours of the payment. We will not be able to refund or cancel any orders post 24 hous of ordering.

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