• *ZIBU Symbols Workshop*

*ZIBU Symbols Workshop*

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Seek help from the most powerful heavenly beings. Learn to speak their language and get their divine blessings.

Angels live in the unseen heavenly realm. They have access to God, whose presence dwells above the heavens. Though angels have their residence in heaven, they are able to come to the earth. They are spoken of as both ascending and descending. Therefore they are not restricted to any part of the universe. Consequently, they do the will of God wherever they are needed.

Angels are always happy to help us, protect us and heal us. People have testified to having felt their presence for they are always close when their help is needed. 

While few are naturally gifted with the art of communicating with the divine, anyone can learn the language. Knowledge of ZIBU symbols can unlock your ability to communicate with the Angels. It’s an ancient healing language expressed as symbols. It’s a simple yet effective way to connect with a healing Angel.  

Benefits of the workshop:

*Alignment with guardian Angels.

*Balancing energies.

*Connection with divine powers and your own higher self.

*Healing diseases and pain of different body parts.

*Purification of space and human aura.

*Healing at a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

*Healing relationships

*Attracting wealth

What will you Learn :

 *88 Zibu symbols

 *Correct method of drawing them

 *Craft of applying them

 *Charging and Activating them

 *Healing self and others by using them


Workshop Facilitator:

Anjali Panwar

You will Receive:

• Thorough knowledge of the Zibu Symbols

• Notes in PDF

• Digital Certificate

• Live Zoom Call

• Replay access for 1 month

 WhatsApp Group support for 3 months

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