• 5X Money Healing Session with Siddhii

5X Money Healing Session with Siddhii

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*Heal your Money Energy with 5X Money Healing* 

Yana‘s Healing Studio is back with powerful sessions on Money Healing. After a back to back successful group healing sessions we are pleased to announce one more opportunity. 

This time again we would be using for the Animals welfare. 10% of Healing Money would be given to the Animal welfare. 

*This time the 11 days sessions would help to invite the abundance flow of Money.* 

Siddhi facilitates a combination of Powerful Modalities to clear out your blockages and achieve possible breakthrough such as Celestial Dragons Healing System, Humkara with Haleem, Ashta Laxmi Reiki, and Money Reiki. 

The abundance flow of Money and Healing would help you seek a better place. 

Its goal is to create financial abundance. Its Energies have helped many with the ability to earn and manage Money effectively, in ways that support your highest good. It also helps the planet by shifting all energy surrounding Money. 


 Dr. Prabhu received his stuck payment worth more than RS 50,000 with just one session of Healing. 

 Dimple met all her targets and receive an award in her direct selling business. She achieved this twice, each after attending two different sessions and now she is recognised in the top list of her business.  

 Nishna received stuck monies on multiple occasions plus monies from unexpected sources! So far received more than RS 15 lakhs 

 Chandrika received several of her stuck payments during the whole course of Healing plus more customers were generated at her store during the phase of Healing 

 Rhekha received her stuck payment since 1 year of RS 1 lakh in just 3 to 4 days Healing. 


*For 11 days Healings* 

Date: 15th March 2024 onwards

Time: 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm (IST)/ 8:30 am to 9:00 am (EST)



Original Fee: Rs 7500 or $111 

Special Offer: Rs 2999 or $40


*For more details, contact Siddhi on 8928734540* 

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