• Supercharge Your Wealth and Harmonize Your Relationships Now!"

Supercharge Your Wealth and Harmonize Your Relationships Now!"

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Are you struggling with financial issues and relationship challenges? Do you wish you could find a way to heal both areas of your life at once? Look no further! 

All the way from delivering successful results with these healing sessions in the area of Relationship & Money Healings, we are daily making new success stories & receiving testimonials. Our group healings are something one just can't miss!

Our exclusive bundle offer of 5x Money Healing and Relationship Healing sessions is the perfect solution for you. Here's why:


Benefits of doing 5x Money Healing Sessions with Siddhii:

• Siddhi facilitates a combination of Powerful Modalities to clear out your blockages and achieve possible breakthrough such as Dragons and Goddess Healing Systems.

• Create financial abundance through Siddhii's energy work.

• Manage money effectively and in ways that support your highest good.

• Shift all energy surrounding money, benefiting not just yourself but also the planet.

• Attract more abundance and prosperity into your life.

• Overcome limiting beliefs, fears, and doubts that may be blocking your abundance.


Benefits of doing Relationship Healing Sessions with Siddhii:

• Gain clarity and insight into your relationship patterns and behaviors.

• Release any past emotional wounds or traumas that may be affecting your relationships.

• Improve communication and connection with your partner or loved ones.

• Repair relationships with children, in-laws, and other loved ones.

• Experience more respect and harmony in your marriage or partnership.

• Find acceptance and healing for personal relationship issues.



“I cannot thank Siddhii enough for the incredible transformation she has brought into my life. Her 5x money healing and relationship healing sessions have helped me heal my past wounds, overcome my fears and anxieties, and cultivate more abundance and love in my life. Through her guidance, I was able to create a healthier relationship with money and my loved ones, and I feel more confident and empowered in all areas of my life.” – Sarah

"Working with Siddhii for both money and relationship healing has been an absolute game-changer for me. Her powerful modalities and compassionate guidance helped me not only transform my financial situation but also enhance my personal relationships. I've experienced a significant shift in my mind set, attracting more abundance into my life while fostering deeper connections with my loved ones. Siddhii's expertise is truly life-altering. Don't hesitate to invest in this remarkable opportunity!" – Emma 


Date: 26th February 2023 onwards

5X Money Healing Session Timing (11 Days): 

7.00 pm to 7.30 pm (IST)

Relationship Healing Session Timing (5 Days):  

5.00 pm to 5.30 pm (IST) 

Offer Price: INR 3999 or $58


Hurry, time is running out! Our exclusive offer on the 5x Money Healing package and Relationship Healing sessions won't last forever. 

Take action now and transform your financial and personal life for the better. Don't miss out on this incredible deal - buy our 5x Money Healing package for yourself at the unbeatable price of INR 2999 or $44 and get Relationship Healing sessions for just Rs 999 or $15. That's a total value of INR 4999 or $74, Now available to you for only Rs 3999 or $59! 

But you must act fast - this limited-time offer will expire in next 3 days. Don't wait - invest in yourself and your future today.


*For more details, contact Siddhi on 8928734540*

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