• Bhagwan Mahamrityunjaya Health Healing

Bhagwan Mahamrityunjaya Health Healing

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Experience the power Bhagwan Mahamrityunjaya Healing refers to a spiritual practice and belief system associated with the Hindu deity Lord Shiva, particularly in relation to his aspect as Mahamrityunjaya, which means "the conqueror of death."

In Hindu mythology, Mahamrityunjaya is a manifestation of Lord Shiva who grants victory over death and bestows healing and protection upon his devotees. 

Bhagwan Mahamrityunjaya Healing involves invoking the blessings and divine energy of Lord Shiva through prayers, chants, and rituals. 

The primary mantra associated with this practice is the Mahamrityunjaya 

Mantra, also known as the Maha Moksha Mantra or the Great Death-Conquering Mantra.

It is believed that reciting or chanting this mantra with devotion can bring about healing, well-being, and spiritual transformation.

Bhagwan Mahamrityunjaya Healing is believed to offer several benefits to practitioners:

-Healing and Well-being: The practice is thought to promote physical, mental, and emotional healing. It is believed to alleviate ailments, promote overall health, and bring balance to the body and mind. 

-Protection and Safety: Bhagwan Mahamrityunjaya Healing is believed to provide protection and shield individuals from harm, accidents, and negative energies. 

-Overcoming Obstacles: The practice is believed to help overcome challenges, obstacles, and difficult situations in life. 

-Spiritual Growth and Transformation: Bhagwan Mahamrityunjaya Healing is associated with spiritual growth and transformation. It is believed to facilitate inner awakening, self-realization, and a deeper connection with the divine. 

-Liberation from Fear: It is thought to bring about a sense of peace, fearlessness, and acceptance of the transient nature of life.

- Inner Peace and Harmony: Bhagwan Mahamrityunjaya Healing is believed to bring inner peace, serenity, and harmony. 


The Healing Sessions shall be conducted by the Experienced Members of The Yana’s Healing Studio.


EE : INR 3333 for 11 Days


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