• Amplify Your Spiritual Energy with Vasuki Transmission

Amplify Your Spiritual Energy with Vasuki Transmission

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Amplify Your Spiritual Energy with Vasuki Healing Transmission

???? Are you ready to:

✨ Experience a profound shift in your consciousness?

✨ Harness the boundless energy of the sacred serpent king (Dragon King), Vasuki?

✨ Embrace Siddhii's transformative power to amplify your manifestations and spiritual force?

???????? Seize this moment to dive into a world of benefits that await you:

???? Heightened Awareness: Gain deeper insights into your true self and purpose.

???? Protection & Harmony: Shield yourself from negativity and find balance within.

???? Spiritual Evolution: Embark on an accelerated journey toward self-realization.

???? Imagine embracing the serpent's wisdom and the transformative touch of Siddhii on this sacred day. This fusion of energies creates a power-packed combination that can elevate your life by nurturing your Kundalini.

Process to receive it:

Attend the live call at 7.00 pm (IST) to receive these energies and watch the replay for another 11 days to 21 days to aid the cleansing process.


???? Date: 23rd February 2024

⌚Time: 7.00pm to 7.30pm IST/ 9.30am to 10.00am EST

Offer Price: INR 555 or $12


???? Act now and Contact Siddhii on: +91-8928734540

Or visit https://www.yanashealingstudio.in/product/4009573/amplify-your-spiritual-energy-with-vasuki-tr/ to reserve your place in this life-altering experience.

The sands of time are slipping away, and these limited slots are filling up fast!

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