• Immunity & Metabolism Bracelet

Immunity & Metabolism Bracelet

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Immunity and metabolism booster bracelet:

Citrine and Pyrite on their own are both awesome and powerful crystals! However, as a team they are the ultimate best friend squad ever! 

Citrine is a Hexagonal Crystal structure Quartz that sends your intentions and desires into the universe! 

Citrine is also a super crystal that amplifies and energizes not 1 but 3 chakras- Crown, Solar Plexus and Sacral also making it one of the few crystals that transmutes from negative to positive vibrations. It’s so powerful that its frequency vibration clears the mental body helping to release thoughts of lack and scarcity into energy and will of abundance.

Pyrite is a Isometric Crystal structure that amplifies and enhances crystals its in proximity with. It strengthens the energetic connection and speeds up the base properties and attraction.

Citrine & Pyrite form an energetic matrix bond that triggers a shift in the mental energetic body towards money and entrepreneurial mastery. Allowing to amplify manifestation and allow abundance to flow in like a waterfall.

When placed together they work to form an energetic vortex that quickly manifests your desires and transmutes your mentality from lack into abundance.

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