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Lemon oil: 

Lemon Essential Oil is actually one of the most beneficial aroma-therapeutic oils! Lemon essential oil has been used for many years for to assist with mental and emotional health. It also balances the causing of anti-stress and anti-anxiety effects!

Lemon essential oil is associated with its uplifting, energizing, supports digestion, and cleanses the liver and gallbladder. Use Lemon Essential Oil daily to increase concentration, purify a room, sacred place, and the body, and banish negative energies!

 Lemon essential oil is powerful skin detoxifier and allows the oil to effectively rejuvenate dull and/or wrinkly skin types and increase the skins luster and suppleness.

The oil is anti-bacterial and anti-septic, allowing for the treatment of acne and other facial disorders revolving excess bacteria on the skin. The oil is also recommended for oily skin, as it will help to balance this skin type.

The oil greatly helps to open the heart to love and promotes the removal of any patterns, allowing for clear thought and hopefulness in one’s life and experiences.

10ml and 25ml bottles are available

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