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Palo Santo Oil

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Palo Santo helps in Healing, medicinal and spiritual traits and abilities have been known and used for thousands of years,”

It can also help with inflammatory reactions such as headaches and stomach aches as well as reduce stress levels, but it is most known and used for its spiritual and energy cleansing and clearing abilities.”

And it also helps to remove negativity and obstacles and attract good fortune. Palo Santo essential oil can be diffused for aromatherapy and may reduce tension, boost mood, and calm the nervous system.

Palo santo oil many amazing properties – the power to purify, attract positive energy, clear negative energy and bring physical and spiritual healing

Use Palo Santo's uplifting properties to raise your vibration before meditation – by keeping energies grounded and pure. It will make it easier to reach a deeper connection to your inner self, while increasing concentration and strengthening the bond with the earth.

Palo Santo is generally associated with the Root Chakra, amplifying our senses of self-preservation, courage, and grounding - connection to the EARTH and the physical plane in general. 

(now it is available with Yana’s healing studio)

(We also have palo santo sticks) 

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