• Saraswati Wisdom Reiki Workshop - Saraswati Jayanti Special

Saraswati Wisdom Reiki Workshop - Saraswati Jayanti Special

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*Saraswati Jayanti Special*

Experience the Magic of Saraswati Wisdom Reiki and Transform Your Life!

*Here's a key to power up your knowledge energies - Saraswati Wisdom Reiki Workshop*

Saraswati wisdom reiki is a unique healing system that helps you realise a new intellectual potential. This system heals the depth of your heart, and brain to open them to receive divine wisdom.

Goddess Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge and wisdom. She is the patroness of arts and creativity. She is the wisdom counterpart of Goddess trinity. This trinity helps Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh to create, maintain and transform the universe respectively. Her abode is in Brahmaputra, the abode of Lord Brahma.

She radiates pure white Light of creation, wisdom and harmony. She is the true form of love and wisdom, and the one who devote himself to Goddess Saraswati, wins over the worldly desires and realises purpose of life.

*Benefits of Learning*:

• Nurtures crown chakra. 

• This system activates the positivity.

• Releases all blocks in way of knowledge. 

• Helps build personality. 

• Development in or by education. 

• Helps progress in arts. 

• Helps remove the malefic effects of rahu & ketu.

• Cleanses Aura & opens channel of wisdom. 

• Helps empower third eye vision. 


EE: INR 2700 or USD 44 

*Vasant Panchami Special Offer Price: INR 1999 or $30 for first 10 Bookings*

Date: 5th March 2024

Time: 2.30pm to 4.30pm (IST)



For more details, contact Siddhi on +91 8928734540

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