• The Colours of Angels workshop

The Colours of Angels workshop

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The Colours of Angels Workshop

With Siddhii

The main focus of the Colours of Angels is to gently attune you to the energies of the 7 Archangels along with their specific rays. 

The 7 connections are offered through one distance attunement that will connect you to the etheric qualities of each Archangel as well as giving you the spiritual tools that are needed for you to work with them during your self-healings and the healings that you give to others.  

There is nothing that pleases the Angels more than to come to our assistance to help us on our spiritual and life path.  

The 7 Archangels and Rays are as follows: 

* Archangel Michael who serves in the 1st Ray, which is the Blue Ray and the Ray of Protection and Power. 

* Archangel Jophiel who serves on the 2nd Ray or Yellow Ray which is the Ray of illumination and wisdom. 

* Archangel Chamuel who serves on the 3rd Ray or Pink Ray, which is the Ray of Love. 

* Archangel Gabriel who serves on the 4th Ray or White Ray, which is the Ray of Harmony and Purity. 

* Archangel Raphael who serves on the 5th Ray or Green Ray which is the Ray of Healing. 

* Archangel Uriel who serves on the 6th Ray or Gold Ray, which is the Ray of Peace. 

* Archangel Zadkiel who serves on the 7th Ray or Violet Ray, which is the Ray of Freedom

*With your purchase you will receive:*

* Digital Manual

* Live class and replays available for 3 months

* Complimentary 6 months revision with next batches

* Attunement will be given in the Live class, chi ball method. This is to ensure that you have understood all of the information that was given to you. Your Distant Attunement will be sent to you via the Call In (Chi Ball) Method.

* A Digital Certificate

* Whatsapp Group Support


*Offer Price: ₹2700 OR $40

Date: 29th January 2024

Time: 2.30 PM - 4.30 PM (IST) / 5.00 AM to 7.00 AM (EST)


For more details, contact Siddhii on +91-8928734540


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