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If you're eager to elevate your healing journey, don't miss out on the insights shared in this post.

On your path to spiritual healing, having exceptional guides or guardians is crucial. Who better to accompany you than the revered Dragons, known as the most powerful beings in the entire universe?

Whether you're just beginning your spiritual healing journey or have already embarked on it, you must explore this hidden source of empowerment for advancing your psychic vision and healing abilities. Here's the secret unveiled for you:

The highly revered Dragon energy is awakening again. And it brings with it an opportunity for every healer to power up and be in their full potential.

And this is the opportunity to join hands with Dragon Spirits to perform Powerful Healings

The celestial Dragons Healing System is here to help you.

This healing system is your ascension partner and heals multiple energy with one of the most powerful beings in the universe. It comes with three kinds of initiation in level 1 (practitioner level):

1) The Celestial Dragons Healing System

2) Diamond dragon initiation

3) Quan yin’s dragon’s initiation

The Celestial Dragons Healing System is really about evolution - the evolution of the soul, and its evolution through Love and wisdom. Dragons contain both elements of yin and yang, and represent the coming together of spirit and matter.

Benefits of learning this:

• Multiply Healing Powers

• Rise in Psychic Vision

• Super Reduction in Healing Time

• Heal finances, relationships, health & more

• Heal Karmic Patterns

• Create Powerful Protection

• Cleanse Psychic contamination

• Heal Special issues such as fat reduction, skin, bones, tumours, etc.

The Realm of Dragons has sent a calling for you. So, if you came across this post, it's not an accident. The Dragon Spirits choose their Spiritual Workers very carefully.

When you awaken the Celestial Dragons Healing Energies, you are initiating a course of action within the mind of humanity, which will change the thinking of everyone on the Earth plane.

For this reason, only certain people are ‘qualified’ to work with the dragons

This system’s essence is the Unconditional Love, Power & Wisdom aspects of the Source and as such anything that is not in alignment with Unconditional Love is brought up for you to heal.

If there is something in your life that is holding you back, the Celestial Dragons Healing energy taps into deeper parts of self to bring them into your conscious awareness for healing and resolution to help you move forward.


The Celestial Dragons Healing System: Level 1

(Become a Certified Practitioner)

✔️ Become a Certified Healing Practitioner

✔️ Recordings for a month, PDF Notes & Practitioner's Certificate by Yana's Healing Studio


• 3 Additional Dragon Magic Spells (Manifest Money, Health, Relationship)

• 1 year WhatsApp Group Support

• 3 Additional Practice Sessions

· Access to Recordings for 3 months

• Free revision within 6 months

• Professional guidance with first 10 clients

• Professional listing & mention in Yana’s Healing Studio website

· Professional Practice opportunities


Program Syllabus Highlights

• Connecting & Receiving guidance from Guardian Dragons

• Protocols, Process, Invocation & working with the entire Celestial Dragons Healing System

• Performing various kinds of healings such as: Karmic cleanse, Relationships, Money, Health, Skin, Hair, Weight reduction, etc.

• Initiation with: The Celestial Dragons Healing Energies, Quan Yin’s Dragon, Diamond Dragon

• Working with Elemental, Golden & Diamond Dragons

• Healing Karma & Relationships with Quan Yin’s Dragons

• Attunements, Recorded Meditations and Healing practices

• Guidance for your first 5 professional healings


Every Monday & Tuesday

Starts on 15th April, 2024

✔️ Total duration 14 hrs (7 sessions, 2 hrs per day)

Time: 8.00pm to 10.00pm IST /10.30am to 12.30pm (EST)


Offer Price (Level 1): INR 27,000 or $385

Connect with us at:

yanashealingstudio@gmail.com or

+91 8591955521

+91 8591355293

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