• Money Manifestaton + Money Reiki Workshop with siddhi

Money Manifestaton + Money Reiki Workshop with siddhi

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"Crack the Code to Unlimited Prosperity: Join Siddhii's Ground-breaking Money Manifestation and Money Reiki Workshop!"

Ever felt stuck in a cycle of financial struggle?

Wished for a solution to manifest wealth effortlessly? Then look no further.

The Money Manifestation + Money Reiki Workshop with Siddhii is here to empower you with the tools and techniques to attract prosperity and abundance into your life like never before!

What is Money Manifestation and Money Reiki?

Money Manifestation is the art of aligning your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs with the abundant energy of the universe.

Money Reiki is a unique blend of Reiki healing and specific techniques designed to address financial challenges and activate the energy of abundance.

Siddhii, a Reiki Master, will introduce you to the symbols and rituals of Money Reiki, enabling you to harness the cosmic energy of wealth and create positive shifts in your financial reality.

Suitable for all levels, this workshop provides comprehensive training. Through Money Reiki attunements at each level (1, 2, and 3), you'll progress from foundational knowledge to advanced techniques, unlocking new layers of abundance manifestation.


Money Reiki Level 1: Foundation of Abundance

Understand the principles and concepts of Money Reiki.

Learn basic symbols and rituals for attracting financial energy.

Receive attunements to activate the flow of abundance.

Develop manifestation techniques to attract wealth.

Money Reiki Level 2: Advanced Prosperity Techniques

Deepen your knowledge of Money Reiki symbols and their uses.

Expand manifestation abilities with advanced techniques.

Release negative beliefs and limitations around money.

Attain higher attunements for increased energy channelling.

Money Reiki Level 3: Mastering the Art of Abundance

Become a certified Money Reiki Master.

Enhance your connection with universal abundance.

Learn advanced healing techniques for financial well-being.

Master creating powerful money manifestation rituals.

Receive Special Bonus:

• Money Meditations

• Access to Recordings of the Workshop for 3 months

• Free Revision within 6 months

• Personalised Money Affirmations

• Practice Session

• Support for healing your first 5 clients

• Continued support on Whatsapp Group

Client Testimonials:

"I can't recommend the Money Manifestation + Money Reiki Workshop enough! Siddhii's deep understanding and compassionate approach created a supportive space for growth. The attunements and hands-on practice allowed me to connect with the energy of wealth and dissolve my money-related obstacles. Since the workshop, I've witnessed remarkable positive shifts in my financial reality. It's truly magical!" - Michael P.

"Siddhii's Money Manifestation + Money Reiki Workshop exceeded my expectations. The practical techniques and visualization exercises were easy to integrate into my daily life, and I continue to see incredible results. I'm now more aligned with abundance and effortlessly attracting prosperity. This workshop is a game-changer for anyone seeking financial transformation!" - Lisa

"The Money Manifestation + Money Reiki Workshop with Siddhii was an eye-opening journey. Siddhii's expertise and guidance were invaluable in helping me release limiting beliefs and tap into the unlimited flow of wealth. The attunements and powerful rituals allowed me to channel the energy of abundance like never before. I'm forever grateful for this life-altering experience!" – Ankita


Date: 17th & 18th February 2024

Time: 2.30pm to 5.30pm (IST)

Offer Price: INR 5500 or $80

First 5 Bookings Offer Price: INR 4500 or $65


For more details, Contact Siddhii on: +91-8928734540

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