• Empower your Divination practice with Akashic Records Deep Insights Workshop

Empower your Divination practice with Akashic Records Deep Insights Workshop

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Empower your divination practice with Akashic records deep insights workshop


A New Value Addition to your Healing practice is here. ! Our Akashic Records course is the perfect addition to boost your skills and add a new tool to your spiritual practices.


If you are a Tarot card reader, Imagine how much more you could offer your clients by becoming an Akashic Records reader, healer, and trainer.

Step into the Mystical World of Akashic Records - Become a Certified Reader, Healer & Trainer

With this Akashic Records Workshop, Read and Heal Past Life Traumas, Karmic Patterns for yourself and others, gaining deeper insights and learning.

And that's not all! Enroll now and gain these amazing bonuses:

• Free Revision for six months in dynamic group workshops - worth INR 10,000 / USD 145 - secure your spot for continuous growth!

• Exclusive Special Module on Soul Journey & Plan - valued at INR 6,000 / USD 86 - enroll to access this life-changing insight!

Module on checking records of places and animals

Module on Healing ancestral patterns through the realm of akasha

• Receive an additional Archangel Metatron Attunement - valued at INR 5,000 / $71 - an extraordinary gift for your spiritual expansion!

• Enjoy a Free 20-minutes Reading by the renowned Siddhii - worth INR 5,000 / USD 71 - experience profound guidance firsthand!

• Six months of relentless Support on WhatsApp - worth INR 6,000 / USD 86 - limited availability!

What are Akashic Records?

Akashic Records are also known as "The Book of Life." The records have an enormous impact on daily life, affecting health, relationships, belief systems, and future potentials. People can use the records to gain insights into how past-life records may influence present patterns, promoting healing, understanding, and clarity.



“Siddhii's training module for trainers is truly exceptional. She shares invaluable insights and pours her heart into teaching you, providing in-depth knowledge of the topic. What's more, she helps you improve your own training skills. Her expertise and understanding of the subject matter are truly impressive. Above all, she is incredibly generous and ensures that you get a return on your investment in multiples."

- Vijaya

"I've studied Akashic Records Readings with multiple trainers, but Siddhii's approach to teaching this subject is truly exceptional. She guides you through every step with great care and empowers you to improve your own readings. Siddhii also encourages revision for your own benefit, and she truly embodies the spirit of generosity in her teachings."

- Anju

"Siddhii's Akashic Records workshop is truly exceptional and a must-attend for anyone looking to expand their knowledge in this area. I have taken her workshop and revision too, and I am incredibly impressed with her teaching style. Siddhii's notes are detailed and she covers every aspect of Akashic records with great simplicity, making it accessible for all levels. Her concepts are crystal clear and her passion for teaching is truly infectious. Having learnt Akashic records from multiple teachers, I can confidently say that Siddhii is one of the best. Additionally, her inclusion of interesting modules in every batch makes the learning process even more enjoyable. I highly recommend Siddhii's workshop to anyone interested in this topic."

- Naisha


Date: 5th & 6th February 2024

Time: 8.00PM to 10.00PM IST

Don't delay - seize this moment to unlock the limitless possibilities of the Akashic Records.


For more details, contact Siddhii on 8928734540


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