• Defy the Evil Eye Healing Sessions

Defy the Evil Eye Healing Sessions

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“Join Us for the Final 'Defy the Evil Eye Healing Session' of the Year!"

Remove evil eye from your life with the healing power of Goddess Maha Kali

5 Live Healing Calls

Do you often encounter sudden obstacles in your new projects?

Are unnecessary conflicts arising out of nowhere?

Do your family members seem more tense and irritated around you?

Do you find that everything starts going wrong all of a sudden?

Do you frequently meet people who emit negative vibes, leaving you feeling unhappy later on?

If you resonate with any of these experiences, you may be affected by the evil eye/nazar. And who better to overcome this negative influence than the power of Mahakali, the Goddess of Strength.

Siddhii, the renowned mentor of healers, is here to guide you towards the light. Having positively impacted the lives of over 10,000 individuals, Siddhii has earned the coveted title of Best Healer of 2022.

Join Siddhii's upcoming Defy the Evil Eye Live Healing Sessions now and receive the healing energies to start clearing the negative influences from your life.

Yana’s Healing Studio presents 5 Live healing calls – Defy that Evil Eye designed to pour the high vibration of Mahakali in your energy system so that the lower energies and Negative vibrations move out of your system.

These work on:

- Removing evil eye

- Healing shadow self

- Removing ill effects of planets

- Detaching from negative chords

- Empowering feminine energy

- Restoring personal power


Original Price: ₹11,000 or $158

Offer Price: ₹3500 or $51 (68% off)

Link to register:


Date: 9th October to 13th October 2023

Timing: 5.00PM to 5.30 PM (IST) / 7.30 AM to 8.00 AM (EST)


*For more details, contact Siddhi on 8928734540*

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