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Selenite Hanger

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Selenite hangers are decorative pieces made from the mineral gypsum, which is composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate. You want to enhance positivity in your home, office, or car, selenite hangers are the perfect solution. They absorb negative energy and attract positive vibes, helping you maintain a harmonious atmosphere. 



Benefits Of Selenite Hanger: 

- Energy cleansing: Selenite is believed to have the ability to cleanse and purify energy. Hanging a selenite hanger in a room can help remove negative or stagnant energy, creating a more harmonious and peaceful environment. 


- Promotes mental clarity: Selenite is often associated with enhancing mental clarity and focus. Having a selenite hanger in your workspace or study area can help improve concentration and promote clear thinking. 


- Stress relief: Selenite is known for its calming properties. It can help soothe and relax the mind, making it beneficial for stress relief and anxiety reduction. Hanging a selenite hanger in areas where you spend a lot of time, such as the living room or bedroom, can create a calming atmosphere. 


- Spiritual connection: Selenite is often used in spiritual practices due to its association with higher consciousness and spiritual connection. Having a selenite hanger in a meditation or sacred space can assist in deepening your spiritual practice and promoting a sense of inner peace. 


- Amplifies other crystals: Selenite is considered a powerful amplifier of energy. Placing other crystals or gemstones near a selenite hanger can enhance their properties and intensify their effects. 




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