• Surya Mantra Jaap (Chants)

Surya Mantra Jaap (Chants)

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 "Ignite Your Inner Light with Surya Mantra Chants: Secure Your Spot Today!"

Elevate Your Life with Buddh Mantra Jaap - Performed by Pandit Experts!

Surya Mantra Jaap, the practice of chanting mantras dedicated to the sun god Surya, is a revered spiritual practice in Hinduism and other related traditions.


What We Offer:


- Expert Pandits: Our dedicated team of experienced pundits specialises in planetary chantings. They will perform Budh Jaap with utmost devotion and precision, ensuring you receive the maximum benefit.


- Personalised Sankalp: We understand the importance of setting the right intention. Our pandits will take your sankalp (intention) over a call, tailoring the chanting to your specific needs and goals.


- Daily Updates: Stay connected with the divine journey! You'll receive daily video updates directly to your personal number, allowing you to witness the progress and energies being invoked for you.


Chanting Surya mantras is believed to have various spiritual benefits, including:


1.     Inner Light: Chanting Surya Mantras is said to invoke the divine light of the sun within oneself, representing enlightenment and self-realization.


2.     Physical and Mental Vitality: The sun is a symbol of energy and vitality. Chanting Surya Mantras can infuse practitioners with physical and mental strength, improving overall well-being.


3.     Clarity and Focus: The practice is believed to enhance mental clarity and concentration, making it easier to meditate and focus on one's spiritual path.


4.     Healing: Sunlight is a natural source of healing energy. Chanting Surya Mantras is thought to promote physical and emotional healing.


5.     Positive Energy: It can help individuals to attract positive energy into their lives, warding off negativity and obstacles on the spiritual path.


6.     Spiritual Growth: Chanting Surya Mantras is associated with spiritual growth, allowing practitioners to progress further along their spiritual journey.


7.     Self-Realization: The practice may assist in recognizing the divinity within oneself, leading to self-realization and a deeper understanding of one's spiritual nature.


8.     Life Balance: Balancing the energies of the sun can help individuals find harmony in their lives, both spiritually and physically.


9.     Protection: Surya Mantras are believed to provide protection from negative forces and evil influences.


10. Gratitude: Chanting these mantras is a form of expressing gratitude to the sun for the life-giving energy it provides.


11. Chakra Activation: Surya Mantras can stimulate and balance the solar plexus chakra, which is associated with personal power, confidence, and inner strength.


12. Connection with Nature: It deepens the connection with nature and the cosmos, as the sun is considered a source of life and divine energy.


13. Success and Fame: The sun symbolizes illumination and brilliance. Chanting mantra can boost confidence, vitality, and creativity, enhancing your potential for success. It is thought to remove obstacles and bestow recognition, leading to increased fame and accomplishments in various aspects of life.




Combining mantra chanting with other spiritual practices, such as meditation and self-realization, can enhance its effectiveness in promoting spiritual growth and self-awareness.


Chanting this mantra increases memory power of students.


Chanting this mantra with full sincerity can help you achieve success and prosperity in life along with self-confidence, amazing concentration power, admirable communication and business skills.


How many Jaap: Surya Mantra 28000 Jaap


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