• Psychic Empowerment Sessions Program

Psychic Empowerment Sessions Program

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Empower your Telepathy, Third Eye Vision & Give a Boost to your Healings & Readings with Psychic Empowerment Sessions Program

If you identify as a healer, reader, or work within the realm of energy fields, you understand the paramount importance of having an empowered psychic vision. If you're in search of a guide who can illuminate the pathways to these energies, you've come to the right place. Our sessions have ignited the visionary potential of countless individuals, serving as a steadfast pillar of support for their spiritual journeys.

Unveil the Mystical Benefits of the Psychic Empowerment Program:

• Elevate your natural psychic talents, potentially enhancing the radiance of your readings and healings

• Immerse yourself in sessions designed for personal transformation, exploring empowerment exercises and energies that aim to harmonize your body's energy fields.

• Explore the awakening of the Brahma Nadi, a channel associated with universal energy, offering a potential deepening of your connection to your psychic abilities.

• Strengthen the threads of your spiritual path, potentially weaving a richer tapestry of self-discovery and enlightenment.

These cosmic energies, drawn from the ethereal 5th dimension and chaperoned by the nurturing presence of Lady Quan Yin and the boundless wisdom of Dragon Spirits, will catapult your psychic prowess to astounding heights.

Siddhii, the renowned mentor of healers, is here to guide you towards the light. Having positively impacted the lives of over 10,000 individuals, Siddhii has earned the coveted title of Best Healer of 2022.

This 11-day journey is a symphony of individualized healing jewels and energies, meticulously designed to open your third eye wide and illuminate your psychic vision.


Starting Date: November 20th, 2023 onwards (Monday to Saturday) (11 days)

Time: 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM IST

Offer Price for first 5 bookings: 2250 INR or 30 USD

*Post Scheme Offer Price will be 2999 INR or 38 USD*


*For more details, contact Siddhi on 8928734540*

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