• 21 Tara Attunement

21 Tara Attunement

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21 Tara Workshop 

Get Attuned with Energies of 21 Forms of Tara

Learn through Pre-recorded Videos

Receive Mantra Chantings for 21 Forms of Goddess Tara

????Experience the 21 Forms of Goddess Tara: 

Immerse yourself in the sacred teachings and discover the manifold facets of Goddess Tara. Through this attunement, gain a deep understanding of each form, receiving their unique mantras and unlocking their healing energies. 

☺️Benefits Beyond Measure: 

Witness the miraculous effects of the 21 Tara Attunement as it paves the way for overcoming sickness and dismantling obstacles hindering your path to success. Experience the harmonious blend of peace, happiness, and success in your Dharma practice. 

????Pacifying, Increasing, Overpowering, and Wrathful Energies: 

Tap into the diverse energies of Tara—Pacifying for tranquility, Increasing for abundance, Overpowering for conquering challenges, and Wrathful for removing negativity. The 21 Tara Attunement empowers you with the wisdom to navigate life's varied landscapes. 

✨What's Included: 

- Distant Attunement: Connect with the divine energies from the comfort of your own space. 

- Digital Certificate: Receive recognition for your spiritual journey. 

- Digital Manual: A comprehensive guide to the 21 Tara forms, mantras, and practices. 

- Pre-recorded Video: Enhance your understanding with visual guidance. 

????Step into a Life Transformed: 

Let the 21 Tara Attunement be your gateway to a life adorned with blessings, knowledge, and healing power. Embrace the divine energies that will guide you towards a path of holistic well-being. 


Date: 12th July 2024

Energy Exchange: 999 INR OR 15 USD 


Limited Slots Available! Act Now to Embrace the Divine Feminine Energies of Tara!

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