• 5 days with Quan Yin Money Healing

5 days with Quan Yin Money Healing

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"Embark on a short but impactful journey towards financial well-being – 5 days with Quan Yin Money Healing is all it takes.”

During this unique period:

1. Inner Harmony: Discover a sense of inner peace and harmony that transcends into your financial realm.

2. Clarity of Mind: Gain mental clarity to make informed decisions, fostering a positive impact on your financial choices.

3. Positive Energy Flow: Immerse yourself in an environment that promotes positive energy flow, paving the way for abundance in various aspects of your life.

4. Emotional Balance: Achieve emotional balance, enhancing your resilience and ability to navigate financial challenges with a calm and collected mindset.

5. Attract Prosperity: Cultivate an atmosphere that attracts prosperity, opening doors to new opportunities and possibilities.


Date: 25th December, 2023

Days: 5 (25th – 30th December)

Fees: 555 INR or 7 USD

Session: Remote (Distant Healing)


Embark on this 5-day journey with Quan Yin Money Healing to tap into the subtle yet powerful benefits that can positively influence your financial landscape.

For more details contact us or DM us on 8928734540

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